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Outwardly, a kind of growth is similar to cauliflower.

Outgrowths appear, as a rule, on the mucous membranes of the uterus or in various parts of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Mixed adenomas are neoplasms with a tubular structure and an expanded base, having a surface of villous outgrowths.

Such polyps can form in any part of the mucous membrane of any organ.

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This type of polyps is the most dangerous, since it is she who tends to degenerate into cancer.

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After surgery to remove polyps of a mixed nature, the disease recurs in 25% of cases.

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Diffuse adenomas are a type of disease that is hereditary. It is also known as familial adenomatous polyposis.

A characteristic feature of this type of accutane are large areas of lesions of the mucous membranes. This is a precancerous type of polyp. This form of the disease in 80% of cases ends with oncology.

According to the number of occurrence of accutane growths, adenomas are divided into single, multiple group (focal) and multiple scattered. In single polyps, the probability of transition to cancer is low, and multiple forms of pathology in 20% of cases are transformed into an oncological tumor.

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From the point of view of the histological nature, polyps are usually classified into simple and proliferating. Simple is formed by homogeneous glandular cells and connective tissue. Proliferating in its structure has elements with atypia.

Isotretinoin variant of the pathology is the formation of a juvenile variety of adenomatous polyps. This type of outgrowth has a bright red color and a long thread-like stalk. These polyps are smooth. They are most often found in the rectum or sigmoid colon. These growths rarely turn into a cancerous form. The first signs of the presence of pathology are detected at an early age, and severe symptoms are revealed by the age of 16-18.

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A feature of this form of the disease is the composition of neoplasm cells that is atypical for adenomatous polyps. There are no structural changes in the glandular epithelium in juvenile outgrowths.

Adenomyomatous polyposis in most cases does not have severe symptoms at the initial stages of development. The presence of outgrowths is detected during endoscopic diagnosis, the reason for which was the accompanying diagnoses. The first symptoms of the problem appear 5 years after the formation of the growth. During this time, it grows up to 20-30 mm in diameter. Symptoms of adenomatous polyp in the intestine.

With the defeat of adenomatous bowel disease, the patient has the following symptoms: feces become like tar; the anus is bleeding, the blood is bright scarlet; mucus is present in the feces; anal itching; the daily number of urges to empty the intestines increases, and the process of defecation itself becomes painful; constipation; diarrhea; intestinal obstruction in giant polyps. Symptoms of adnomatous outgrowth in the stomach.